Adshel graffiti cleaner Nick Kyropoulous is fed up with rising graffiti abuse and wants a better investment in combating the trend. Picture: Marcus Poretti

Melbourne are losing the war against graffiti, with Melbourne City Council and transport operators spending millions in graffiti removal and deterrent policies that are having minimal effect, according to professionals.

The most commonly targeted are transport operators, who spent up to $5 million last year to clean up its stations, tram stops and bus stops, The Australian Institute of Criminology reported.

Adshel graffiti cleaner, Nick Kyropoulous stated that the majority of growing graffiti related offences around public transport avenues and local council areas are getting out of hand.

“Train Stations, bus stops and underpasses are becoming a nightmare for a person like myself to clean, its worse and worse every time I return to a site for a routine clean,” Mr Kyropoulous said.

The continuous rise of graffiti in Melbourne has contributed to a 15 per cent growth in property damages in Victoria, with it becoming an increasing problem within local communities, according to Victoria Police.

Senior Constable Tom Arnott of Clayton Police said that graffiti related crimes are becoming a common theme amongst young individuals and brings considerable damage to local communities, where taxpayer’s money is going to waste.

“It’s becoming more prominent on building walls, bridges and homes which gives the local community an ugly look…it’s a waste of tax-payers money at the moment, it’s always constantly being cleaned up,” he said.

Mr Arnott said if graffiti offenders continue to litter, serious punishments to those offenders would ensue; however local council’s may also want to use their resources wisely on graffiti combat methods.

“Graffiti offenders don’t seem to listen at all, at some point they will end up getting caught and face serious penalties, however maybe councils need to invest in smarter ways to force a decline,” he said.

Melbourne City Council in 2014 invested $1 million in street clean ups and deterrent avenues, which included tactics such as surveillance systems, graffiti removal vans and private cleaning solutions.

However the latest update of the Victorian Police Crime Statistics Report suggests that despite the investment to deter graffiti offenders, there was a 1.5 per cent annual increase in the total number of graffiti offences recorded.

Melbourne City Council said via its Graffiti Management Plan that, despite the climb, it would continue to finance its current graffiti programs, which includes an immediate removal scheme by request as an avenue of prevention.

Mr Kyropoulous called for all local councils and Victoria Police to establish new programs to invest in fighting graffiti, whether that is through harsher punishment, community service or counseling, as its current proposal of instant removal is unviable.

“Removing it instantaneously only seems to spur them on even more and it’s a waste of money,” he said.

“These people need to be taught a valuable lesson, its not a cool way to fit in, its just a constant nuisance for the people like myself who work hard to clean up after offenders,” he said.


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The outgoing Chief of the Army said Australia was in the middle of a “long war” in its prolonged mission against Islamic State militants.

Lt-Gen David Morrison said the coalition against the jihadist group would make a difference but putting a timeframe on the mission was difficult.

“What that long war is against and what its eventual outcomes will be are very hard to specify.” Lt-Gen Morrison said.

He added that the use of military force was acceptable on such a target.

He said there were several other challenges for the Army to tackle, including women’s rights, recruitment and mental health.

“We’ve had enduring interests in the Middle East…And I think we will make a difference,” he said.

Lt-Gen Morrison will retire after 36 years of duty at the end of this week.

The Federal Government’s 2015 Budget has reportedly gone after Australian graduates working internationally with outstanding university loans, the Education Department released.

The announcement has now left a number of students with debts up to $120,000 on their HEC’S fees, whilst leaving other students in the dark who were aspiring to avoid the loan in working overseas, according to Higher education policy expert Andrew Norton.

The announcement came from Education Minister Christopher Pyne on Saturday stating that the government would “enforce the same HECS repayment obligations on Australians living overseas that apply to those who remain on our shores”.

Monash University Architecture Student, Jason Philips, 21, has told of his anger and frustration in the government jeopardising his ambitions to work overseas and save some money for his future.

“The plan was to buy a one way ticket to Italy and work in architecture in Europe without the hassle of paying my $72,000 HEC’s fee and save some money….thats gone down the drain now.,” Mr. Philips said.


The devastating heatwave of 2014 that torched major parts of South Eastern Australia, has questioned Victorian’s responsibility to prepare and act during this type of natural disaster.

Despite the Black Saturday bush fires of 2009 causing mass media attention that led to a Royal Commission, the true damage of Victoria’s 2014 heatwave was undermined by the public with the death count almost double to that of Black Saturday.

Ambulance Victoria’s Senior Media Liaison, Paul Bentley stated that the devastation of the natural disaster failed to “capture the attention,” of the media and public, which saw a 24 per cent spike in deaths normally expected during the time.

Mr Bentley insisted that Victorians must place greater importance in planning and educating themselves for such events in the future, as “people will unfortunately continue to die unless the community takes responsibility,” he said.

Despite ongoing efforts from Ambulance Victoria and the Department of Health since 2009, the lack of knowledge and education of human exposure to such heats saw a 700 per cent rise in emergency call outs for cardiac arrests in heats over 44 degrees, as reported by the media.

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine’s director, Stephen Cordner reiterated that the heatwave struck the most vulnerable of the community, with the Victorian Heatwave Plan reporting that those over the age of 65 are most susceptible.

Majority of emergency calls stemmed from the uneducated elderly aged 75 and above, most with “artery disease, lung problems, and psychiatric tendencies”.

Local elderly resident, Emidia Calati, 86, of Preston became a victim of the heatwave after being struck with heatstroke and heart problems in an attempt to feed her cat outdoors, seeing her being rushed to hospital.

Ms Calati told that she neglected the warnings of emergency services to stay indoors. “I underestimated the true heat outside, that could have cost my life,” she said.

The Department of Health upgraded its Heatwave Planning Guide to assist local government to address issues like this at community level’s, with Mr Bentley further pleading for Victorian’s to look after their neighbours, prepare and educate others.


Three men are missing after a general fishing trip off the Peninsula town of Sorrento yesterday.

Grave concerns have begun for Sorrento local fire fighters, Fred Smith, Bill Smith and John Taylor after failing to return home after a night of freezing conditions.

The trio was expected back at midnight last night after taking out a fiberglass runabout to sea.

The Victorian Bureau of Meteorology added that the night was the coldest in the Month of August for 23 years, with water temperatures of only 4 degrees.

Inspector Rod Cathall of Victoria Police reported he was “very pessimistic” about the men’s chances of survival due to poor weather conditions overnight.

Rescue searches for the men begun at dawn, after Police were alerted about the disappearance at 4am.


Electricity prices will soon rise following the opening of Werribee’s Balliang wind farm, which has seen the announcement of the immediate foreclosure of the Hazlewood Power Station in Latrobe and thousands of lost jobs.

With the wind-farm set to provide 200 jobs to locals and providing power for over 200, 000 homes, it becomes bittersweet as the decision to mothball Hazelwood in 2015, will set to increase electricity prices on the “upwards” trend.

After being passed through legislation in August 2014, Stacy Petros, the Minister for Energy and Resources proudly endorsed that the 400-turbine wind farm” will reduce the states greenhouse gas emissions by eight precedent per annum”, endorsing the Victorian government’s plight for a carbon-neutral future.

The government are said to be working with local organisations to “retool” workers made redundant at Hazlewood.


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This will probably be my final post for MKF3881 as part of the blogging assessment! However it wont be my last in general!

E-Marketing this semester has most likely become my favorite Unit so far with 2 years left on my degree at Monash. Wags and his apprentice Krystal have really endorsed myself and you guys to really throw ourselves into the world of digital marketing and indeed open our eyes to the modern trends that this area is developing within the field of marketing. Undertaking this type or form of assessment in blogging about these digital trends has well and truly opened up my eyes into understanding the opportunities and stories that are trending in the world of digital marketing and thus being able to talk about it and express my view on these stories to my fellow classmates (whilst the rest of the world) truly brings upon a number of benefits.

Through learning about the evolution of the WEB 2.0 and the growth of Social Media and its influences on marketing, E-Marketing has really endorsed me to really pay attention to these issues as a marketing student and encourage the prospect in working within this field within the future. Even the Pecha Kucha task undertaken forced me personally to understand a deeper side of the digital marketing efforts of huge organisations like Red Bull and the large amount of efforts taken to improve their digital marketing cause

Id like to thank to Wags and Krystal again for their efforts in truly enrapturing us this semester and I endorse current marketing students at the Uni to get on board and divulge into the world of digital marketing influenced through MKF3881. I think all of my fellow classmates will agree with me on this one!!